Ford will leave the UK if the Brexit is made without agreement with the EU

Ford Bridgend, South Wales, United Kingdom

The Brexit strong> is making companies based in United Kingdom are getting very nervous. Among them are those of the automobile sector , one of the strongest in the Anglo-Saxon country. The reason for such a convulsive moment is very simple: the agreement between the country and the European Union to carry out its exit does not exist yet. That being the case, the only way left for the United Kingdom is to go the other way, with all that it entails.

One of the first reactions to this situation is the one that has had Nissan

strong>. A couple of years ago, he announced that the next X-Trail would be manufactured in the UK. However, considering the situation, they have decided that they will best maintain their manufacture in Japan. In this way, the factory they have in Sunderland will lose a large investment and the jobs will suffer. But in addition, another signature is now added to this position, Ford .

Ford will save, however, its European business

 Ford Focus Active Crossover

Ford is one of the brands that has bet more throughout its history for United Kingdom . It has three production centers and a R & D & I center , employing more than 13 thousand employees. However, this fact will not prevent you from having to take the necessary actions to protect your business in Europe. Among them, he will be cutting back his workforce , like the one carried out in the center he has in Bridgend, South Wales.

According to The Times, Ford would have asked the government and Parliament of the United Kingdom that the country leaves the European Union with agreement. Otherwise, the situation for the brand and the automotive sector of the country would be critical. Therefore, to protect their operations in Europe , and in the world, they would take the necessary measures. In this way, they seek not to lose competitiveness against rivals that may be better positioned at the time of manufacturing.

In any case, today Ford is immersed in a > restructuring plan which will also affect Europe. The expected saving is more than 13 billion dollars and will take into account several aspects. From now on, savings on purchases , engineering and production will be taken into account. The latter is the most important, because for each model to be manufactured, they will evaluate where it can be manufactured at the lowest cost.

All in all, Ford is not the only manufacturer that is studying what to do if the Brexit It is carried out without agreement. Honda, Nissan and even Jaguar-Land Rover are already shaping their performances when the time comes. We will have to see what happens in the end, but things look bad, and in Spain we could benefit from something.

Source - The Times

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